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Alumni Spotlight- August 2022

We live in a technological age. Everything from our cars to our kitchens are full of screens, wires, inputs, outputs, and more. Our school is progressing alongside society, and with that progression comes new software, interconnected operating systems, wireless connectivity, and so much more. It’s crazy to think that one man could keep it all straight. For Williamsburg Academy, that’s where our man behind the screens, Mr. Gaydon Brown, comes in. Mr. Gaydon works tirelessly to assist our school and teachers with every aspect of technology, from simple bug fixes to overhauling unruly operating systems and everything in between. From the summer months to day-to-day operation, Mr. Gaydon is critical in ensuring Williamsburg Academy runs smoothly. We don’t know what we would do without him!

Gaydon Brown, son of Karen and Hardy Brown, graduated from Williamsburg Academy with the Class of 1990. He then went on to attend Francis Marion University, where he graduated in 1995 with a degree in Biology, coupled with concentrations in Chemistry and Computer Science. Shortly after graduating college, Gaydon married Shannon Tyler, Williamsburg Academy Class of 1988. In 1996, Gaydon got his Real Estate Broker license and began operating Williamsburg Realty. He ran this business until 2010, when he opened up his computer repair business, SC Computer Fix. Gaydon began partnering with Williamsburg Academy around 2012 to help update the school’s computer and operating setups and begin instituting technological practices within the school. He has since become a staple around Williamsburg Academy and can be often seen here after hours, surrounded by cables, computers, and wires galore. You would think there is no method to the madness, but rest assured there is no better man for the job. Williamsburg Academy is also proud to be the alma mater of each of Gaydon’s two children, Tyler Louise, Class of 2019, and Hardy, Class of 2022. 

We are so thankful for Mr. Gaydon’s tireless efforts to maintain and evolve the technological systems here at Williamsburg Academy, and it makes it so much sweeter that he is part of our alumni family!