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B Team Basketball News

On Monday, January 10th, the B Team Stallion Boys started off with a strong push into the first quarter with very good defense from Kayden Cooper and Marlin Morris. Seth Cherinko shot a stunning three-pointer in the first quarter which set off a great tone for the B Team Stallions. Stallions ended the first quarter with a score of ten to thirteen, still pushing forward with the second quarter coming to an end the Stallions ended up on top with a score of twenty-two to twenty. In the second half of the game the Stallions began to fall behind, yet still consistently used their method of teamwork and using their best defense. At the buzzer the B Team Stallion Boys fell short with an ending score of twenty-seven to thirty-four. Despite the fact of the team losing, The B Team Stallion Boys have a good season ahead of them with a strong team. B-Team Stallion Boys will be playing their next game on Monday, January 24th against Robert E. Lee Academy.