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Stallion Spotlight

Williamsburg Academy takes honor and pride in the character, heart, and determination of our students, in and out of the classroom. This past week, three members of our Williamsburg Academy family showed all of the previously mentioned traits and more in aiding the victims of a car accident. We would like to highlight the courage that Carson Watson, Nealy Lamb, and Mr. Vincent Staggers showed.
A green and white bus on the way to a high school sporting event is the last place you’d expect to find a hero, let alone three. However, when the Williamsburg Academy Varsity basketball team witnessed a car crash on their way to a matchup against Lee Academy last week, they didn’t hesitate to stop. After seeing a car collide with another vehicle on the road, it only took moments for Carson Watson to know what he needed to do. Watson is a Williamsburg Academy senior, a member of the golf and basketball teams, and a Fellowship of Christian Athletes student leader with emergency preparedness training through a volunteer fireman program. As one car caught on fire right before their eyes and occupants of each vehicle struggled to get out, he used his training and skills to assess the situation and tackle it head-on.

While Carson assisted in removing the victims from the cars and safely directed traffic around the wreckage, Mr. Vincent Staggers, Williamsburg Academy’s bus driver, used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. Carson recounts helping one man, whose car door was crushed in, escape through the passenger side. “They were all lucky, and I know it could have been a lot worse than it was,” Watson said, “I’m just happy that we could help.” As the pair worked to stabilize the situation, Nealy Lamb called 9-1-1, and, together with Holdon Baylor, helped the operator pinpoint their location and described the situation. However, the already tense situation began to escalate.

One of the victims began experiencing chest pains.

This is where Nealy’s patience and practical know-how came into play. “I’ve never truly experienced anything like that before,” Nealy stated, “but I was prepared to handle the situation through the training we went through with our Lifeskills class if I needed to. When one of the victims began to complain of chest pains, I knew what to do in case she needed CPR.” Thankfully, Nealy did not have to use her training, but having that know-how and confidence in an emergency is an invaluable skill.

Earlier this year, the Lifeskills class took a course with Mrs. Jennifer Lamb, Nursing Supervisor for the Williamsburg County School District. They were trained in basic first aid, CPR, and emergency preparedness. Lifeskills instructor Whitney Henderson stated, “I think it is extremely essential for young adults to have some type of CPR or first aid certification so that if ever in a dangerous situation, they would have the knowledge and skills needed to help. Even if the skills are never needed, knowing that you possess these skills can increase confidence levels in an emergency.”

As the ambulances and emergency services began to arrive, the Stallions’ work on Highway 527 was done. And, as heroes do, the Stallions went on to their game, home that evening, and about their lives as normal.

At Williamsburg Academy, we have a saying: “The Heart of a Stallion.” We strive to exemplify this saying within our walls through teamwork, sportsmanship, friendship, and good character. However, when the Heart of a Stallion shows itself beyond Stallion Drive, we know that our students are prepared for life, and we are proud of the young adults they are growing into.