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JV Football Week One

Week One for our Colts did not go exactly as planned. Following a rained out game on Thursday, the young Stallions were met with Mother Nature having a hand in the fate of the make-up game as well. A torrential downpour on Monday put a stop to their goal of taking on Palmetto Christian in the first game of the year. However, JV Football won’t let something as trivial as rain put a damper on what is shaping up to be a wonderful season. Head Coach Tyler Boyd said the team is going hard at practice each and every day. They are dying to work and prove themselves, and they are getting better everyday. The final JV roster boasts 37 players in grades 6-8, the majority being young, bright-eyed 6th graders excited to finally don the famous green and white jersey. JV graduated five players up to Varsity this season, so fresh players on the field are helpful in building a strong foundation. There is a lot for the players to learn, but they are taking each new skill in stride and are putting 100% effort in daily. Coach Tyler, of course, hopes to go 8-0 as long as his boys’ hearts and minds are in the right mindset, but his first goal is to make it to 1-0, and then they’ll go from there. Join the Colts for their updated season opener against Florence Christian this Thursday, September 1st, on the Eagles’ home turf at 6:00 pm.