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Stuff the Turkey

The Williamsburg Academy Student Council is holding their annual holiday food drive. Teachers will be collecting non-perishable items beginning Monday, November 15th in each homeroom and will be giving them to the St. Ann’s Outreach. The items collected will be distributed out into the community. The lower school and middle/high homeroom class with the most…
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Casselman Receives Award

On October 22nd, the Stallions battled their rival The Carolina Academy. Boyd Casselman, starting cornerback, had an outstanding performance. The highlights of his performance were both of his touchdowns. The most impressive fact about both of these touchdowns were that they came on the defensive side of the ball. He had not only 2 interceptions,…
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The Williamsburg Academy varsity football team carried on their undefeated season with a 49-16 first round playoff win against Hilton Head Prep. The game started off with a touchdown run by the senior running back, Caleb Kline, to get the Stallions fired up. The team never gave up and pushed through to victory! They were…
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Terrific Kids

Congratulations to the Williamsburg Academy Terrific Kids for the first nine weeks. For 4k, Palmer Kate Cooper, 5k Wyatt McAnulty, 1st grade Tanner Grey Ward and Summer Grace Fulton, 2nd grade Lizzy Gilchrist and Kinsley Burns, 3rd grade Harper Tisdale and Jordan Sanders, 4th grade Jayce Moree and Emmett Johnson, and for 5th grade Paxstyn…
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2021-2022 Heisman Highschool Awards

The Heisman High School Scholarship, presented by Acceptance Insurance, extends the Heisman prestige to our nation’s most esteemed male and female high school seniors by recognizing and rewarding outstanding scholar-athletes who understand that the most important victories not only happen on the field, but in their schools and communities. These remarkable young leaders set the…
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2021 Fall Fest

Williamsburg Academy will hosts its annual Fall Fest tomorrow from 4-7. Everyone is invited to attend!

Williamsburg Academy vs Kings Academy

The Stallions hosted the Lions on October 15th, 2021. They came out with a phenomenal start putting up 42 points in the 1st quarter. The defense was on their game. They had 4 interceptions in the first quarter with one of them as Pick 6’s. Boyd Cassleman, Caleb Kline, Will McCutchen, and Ryan Corey were…
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Colts Wrap Up 2021 Football Season

The Colts had their last game Thursday versus The King’s Academy Lions. The first half was mostly the two teams going back and forth. With a couple of touchdowns from Jay Kellahan to Micah Balder, the Colts were only down a little at the half. The Colts came out very strong in the second half.…
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Stallions vs Dillon Christian

Friday night, Williamsburg Academy defeated Dillon Christian 31-6. The Stallions came out with a slow start letting up a kick return touchdown for the first play of the game. Their defense, led by Teague Ward and Binkie McKenzie were playing outstandingly. The offense started off slow with a score of 10-6 going into the second…
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JV Football News

The Colts came out firing on all cylinders scoring on multiple drives in the first half. With a couple of rushing touchdowns from Micah Balder, a big trick play that Jay Kellahan completed, a long touchdown pass to Charlie Caulder, and another long touchdown pass from Kellahan to Caulder again, this put the Colts up…
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